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Fertilizer Application, Weed Control in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania

From seeding to fertilizer application to weed control, Grim's Landscaping in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, is with your lawn every inch of the way. Trust us of all your lawn care needs. We do the work; you sit back and reap the rewards.

Fertilizer Application
Enjoy a flourishing yard with fertilizer that's custom-blended to promote root growth in the Pennsylvanian climate. We typically do 3-4 applications depending on the yard, and our fertilizer is suited for most types of grass and turf.

Turf Pest Control
Get parasitic insects under control and enjoy your lawn at its best. Grim's Landscaping controls grub worms, chinch bugs, and other turf pests. You can never completely eliminate them, but we keep pests in check leaving other turf critters, such as earth worms which are good for the grass, intact. Your pests' futures are grim.



Seeding & Aerating
Let us help you replant your yard. We use a variety of seeding techniques depending on which is right for your soil conditions. Our aerating machine is specially made to churn soil, even in areas with a lot of shale.

Weed Control
Don't let weeds ruin an otherwise perfect lawn or strangle a struggling one. Our herbicides are tailored to your yard's specific needs before we start spraying. Applications are usually done annually, because we get it right the first time, but we can perform spot treatments throughout the year.

Lawn, Fertilizer Application in Schnecksville, PA
PH Testing & Lime Application
Be certain your soil conditions are top-notch. Without proper soil, you can fertilize and fertilize with no results. We'll take soil samples and send them to a lab for analysis. After getting the results, we'll apply lime to your yard to tweak its pH for optimal conditions.
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